Emcee for your Wedding Reception

Music Express provides professional emcee services for wedding receptions.
With the experience of emceeing hundreds of wedding receptions we have the expertise to do it right.
Our wedding reception emcee sets the tone and pace of the wedding reception. We will make sure
that your wedding program stays on schedule and keep your guests enjoying the night away!

What's Provided

We will create and develop your wedding reception program with you. It usually takes 2 to 4 meetings (or as many times as it takes) to create a reception program. Our goal is to have the program completed 1 week before the wedding.

If you already have a wedding planner that has ceated a program for the wedding we can use that to create our emcee script.

  Welcoming your Guests to the Reception
  Housekeeping items (Restrooms, Validation etc)
  Introduction of the Bridal Party
  Recognizing Special Guests
  Inroducing persons doing Speeches and Toasts
  Announcing of the Cake Cutting ceremony
  Slipper Game - Let'sl see how much the Bride and Groom know each other!
  Announcing of the Garter and Bouquet Toss
  Announcing of Centerpiece Giveaway
  Announcing of Parent Dances
  Announcing of First Dance
  Announcing of Money Dance
  All announcements that are relevant to the Reception
What is not Provided
  Wedding Coordination and Planning
  Comedy Skits or Joke Telling

Our Emcee services does not encompass wedding coordination and planning. Wedding planners assist you in all aspects of your wedding. They use their expertise in finding venues and vendors as well as helpful advice on how to have a smooth and succesful wedding. What we're doing is creating a itinerary for our Emcee to follow and put their voice to.

If you have questions about this process please feel free to call us!

Watch a Preview of our Emcee Service
Emcee for Wedding Clip 1
This video clip is for a Wedding Reception bridal party introduction with a bio for each member of the bridal entourage. Note: Bio was created by client, and music was chosen by the client as well.