Custom Monogram Lighting

Put your name up in lights with our custom monogram lighting!
We use the super bright Chauvet LFS-75 to show your custom made mongram to either a wall or dance floor.

What Your Custom Monogram Master Looks Like
In order for us to display your custom monogram at your event we need to create it first. The master is called a GOBO. The picture below is what the master monogram gobo will look like. Of course your gobo will have your name on it!
How To Order Your Custom Monogram GOBO

As you may have guessed we don't make these custom monogram GOBO's. There are many companies on the US Mainland and Internationally that make these GOBO's for all types of events. Here is the process that you will need to do in order to create a custom GOBO for your event.

Step #1 Go to this website

Step #2 Find the GOBO type you're looking for. Wedding, Birthday etc.

Step #3 Find the design that you like. We suggest the metal GOBO's. They are inexpensive and look great.

Step #4 Call the company and place the order and confirm the design is available.

Step #5 When asked for the type of projector the GOBO will be used with, tell them Chauvet LFS-75DMX

Step #6 Pay for your GOBO and have the finished GOBO drop shipped to our address:

Music Express Hawaii
91-1095 Kapaahulani Street
Ewa Beach, HI. 96706
(808) 689-7579

Step #7 Be sure to select the appropriate shipping method to ensure it arrives in time for your event.

And thats all it takes! If you have any questions or need assistance please let us know.