Wedding Ceremony Music
For most of our clients the Wedding Ceremony can be a bit confusing. Especially when it come to the granular details of where music is actually needed. We've created this section to illustrate the wedding ceremony sequence and the accompanying music for each part.
Wedding Ceremony Music Sequence
Pre-Ceremony aka Prelude
We begin playing music 30 minutes before the start of the wedding ceremony. The music we suggest for the pre-ceremony would include
Classical, Hawaiian Slack Key and Love Songs.
Parents Entrance aka Processional
The most popular parent entrances include classical renditions of love songs and sentimental favorites. It’s also very common to include the parents entrance with the bridesmaids entrance song.
Bridesmaids Entrance aka Processional
The most popular song we play would be canon in D major. I’ve also played love songs and current hits.
Ring Bearer and Flower Girl Entrance aka Processional
The ring bearer and flower girl enter with the same song as the bridesmaids.
Brides Entrance
The most popular song would be the Bridal March also referred to as Here comes the Bride. Others have selected love songs and contemporary songs.

Interlude songs are often used during the ceremony to signify a special moment for the couple. This would be a perfect type of song to play during the lighting of a unity candle.

Bride and Groom Recessional

When the ceremony is completed this would be the song you depart with as husband and wife! Past songs we've played have included, Beautiful Day by U2 and At Last by Etta James.

Post Ceremony / Postlude
The Postlude plays at the conclusion of the ceremony, after the recessional. We suggest the postlude music keep with the upbeat mood.